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About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Allie. I am so excited to bring Joyful Luxury Events to my hometown of Minot, North Dakota. I am about to be a freshman in high school.


Although I am young, I am not new to the event world, as my parents started Eventures back in 2018. I was even younger then but spent many nights and weekends helping my mom plan and set up for parties at the event space. My parents sold Eventures, but our love for events and creating amazing spaces have kept on. 

I'm always looking for fun ways to make a party even more special so the idea of luxury picnics was something I saw and knew I had to make come alive. I am excited to have the support and help of my family in making this business happen. 

I can't wait to partner with you in creating a memorable luxury picnic for your next celebration. 

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